Monday, October 2

Tuesday, September 26

Punch needle patterns~

'Rooster Rising' Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

'Rooster Rising' my dad would always say,
"Never let the sunshine catch you sleeping!" "Up an at 'em!"
Days with him were always filled with adventure~ and love!

Hello, Friends!
It has been too long since my last post~
Summer seemed to dash by us and Autumn has arrived with 
unseasonably warm and beautiful days!
The gardens continue to call to me and
somehow I find myself spending too much time away from my desk~

'Scarecrow in the Pumpkin Patch' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

When the moon is so bright you don't need a flashlight~ 
That's when I imagine new friends are made!

'Apple a Day' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Apple a Day' ~ The orchards smell so, so good right now!
We have been enjoying several warm days.
Driving past the rows of apple trees with our window down~ 
Sure to make an apple pie as soon at the 80 degree days go back down to the 60's.
(I think punch needle each day is great medicine, too!)

'Love You, Fraktur Bird' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

My dad would sit on the edge of my light blue
sand box (that he had built) and look up to the moon and say,
"I love you all the way up there, to that big white moon~ and back"
He used the moon to keep me awake on the way home
from Christmas Eve parties,
"Where's that moon, Boo? Did you see Santa fly around it yet?"
Something about the moon~

'Sunny Perch' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Perfect place for our little crow friend to rest his wings~
Pumpkins can get heavy!
I remember walking through the pumpkin patch with little ones.
They would find the biggest one they could wrap their little
arms around & claim it as their own.
It would grow heavy in their arms after a few steps~

'Pumpkin in the Window' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Mom always put a ceramic pumpkin (that my sister made)
in our front picture window.
I loved the soft glow of the smiling jack o lantern's face
as it reflected in the window.
The pumpkin sat on a very thick encyclopedia,
wrapped in tin foil, for perfect height. I put my little friend on a pedestal~

Hope your Autumn days are filled with happiness, Friends!

Friday, September 8

So many hearts are weary~

Through storms, evacuations, fires, earthquake,
illness and loss...
Please know you are loved, treasured & in my prayers.

Sunday, August 27

Praying for Texas & Gulf Coast

So many treasured hearts in Texas & Gulf Coast area...
Praying that you are safe and that the rains subside quickly~

Tuesday, August 22

Echinacea~ coneflower applique

Sharing my progress!
I found the prettiest Valdani thread~
#12 pearl cotton
At first I was concerned that it would be too bold.

The colors decided they would play nice together!
I'm glad I chose a brighter, variegated, color for the flowers.
I think I will keep the greens low-key and muted.

I think it would make a beautiful fall jacket for a mouse, too~
Time will tell!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!

Thursday, August 17

Wool applique August Echinacea

August Echinacea is so beautiful~
As it begins to fade & mottle it starts to resemble my watercolor palette!

 I purchased a beautiful piece of wool from Kimberley Severns
to make my very first wool applique project.

When I saw the wool on-line I thought it would make a pretty hydrangea blossom.
The piece had some deeper tones when it arrived & I immediately thought
Purple coneflowers! 

Little friend waking up on the sunny side of the day~

They fill the gardens with beauty starting late June, early July~
Soon they will lose all of their petals and American Goldfinch 
will be perched on top of them snacking on seeds!
I will leave them through early frosts & the first few snowfalls.

Swallowtails have been busy this morning...
Too busy to hold still for their portraits~

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, August 11

Hope your Friday is off to a sunny start, Sweet Friends!
This project was great fun... my third wool hooking project~

I was humming, "Here we go loopty loo~ here we loopty li"
the whole time I was hooking this...
Do hope a new tune comes in for the next projects planned!

I always find a favorite part in my art pieces~
Favorite wash in one area of my watercolors paintings.
Favorite 'happy accident' in my thumbnail sketch/illustration...
(So often becoming the main design!)
Favorite color combination in a punch needle piece...
How flowers cascade in one of our gardens~

The pumpkin is my favorite part of this hooked piece.
It has new wool that I dyed with a friend.
It has wool gathered from my favorite craft thrift.
Wool from an old skirt...
Wool from my mother in law that was hers & her mothers hooking wool.
Wool from my mother in law that she had procured from 
an estate sale of an elderly woman who had hooked rugs~

Loop by loop woven together!
Just like us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Monday, August 7

Sunflower in the pumpkin patch hooked rug~

I often spend weekends trying to catch up on special orders~
A fever decided to grab on to me so I gathered some
wool worms and passed some time with a harvest project!

I love painting, drawing, photographing, stitching, sketching... pumpkin tendrils!

Painting with wool...
I had such a great time working on the pumpkin...
Choosing my palette & adding some plaids for texture!

One of my favorite color pairs~
Yellow and blue

Hope your Monday is filled with blue skies, Friends!

Sunday, July 30

Flow Blue Garden Quilt

I received this beautiful quilt as a gift yesterday~
Opened the box and almost fell over!
Sue Knapp (formerly O'Susannah's Quilt Shop) 
O'Susannah's Upstairs Inn
Sent this to me!
Just have to share with you~
It is the first quilt that I own, made from fabrics that I designed!
Flow Blue Garden by Red Rooster Fabrics

Wrapped in love...

Dried up my joyful tears & saw the beautiful variegated
stitches in the shape of birds, butterflies, ladybugs... 
I love every sweet detail~

I love quilts but do not machine sew~
I love to design fabrics & it is such an amazing feeling to
see all types of treasures made with those fabrics!

This one will always be treasured~

Tuesday, July 25

Summer days~

Summer is dashing right along~
Wish there was a way to slow it down!

Hubby loves red raspberries... we found a few baskets for him and
a basket of black berries!

We have been in a very rainy pattern~
Torrential rains.
The bees need raincoats!

Fun to find this field of black eyed susans along the 
New York State Thruway~
The bees were dancing with delight at dusk!

My all-time favorite~ black caps!
Black raspberries are such a treat. 
Remind me of my childhood. Riding along field edges in
the back of my dads old pickup truck.
Buckets, tin cans... bellies all filled up with sun-kissed, sweet berries!

I leave milkweed plants to grow in some areas of our gardens~
Pure joy to see monarch butterflies dotting the yard again!

I pluck the seed pods off so I am not overrun by plants...

Juicy snacks~ Plants have had plenty of rain!

Our home & my studio have been upside down most of July~
We are sorting, organizing and painting when we have
a few minutes away from work deadlines.
My plan is to have everything in its place by the
end of July~
August, September & October are my most favorite months of the year.

Hope you're having a great week, Friends!

Tuesday, July 4

Independence Day~

History shares ups & downs, twists and turns~
Hearts willing to give all that they have in the name of freedom.

"Home is the nicest word there is."
Laura Ingalls Wilder

"While the storm clouds gather far across the sea, 
Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free, 
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair, 
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. " 

"God Bless America, 
Land that I love. 
Stand beside her, and guide her 
Thru the night with a light from above. 
From the mountains, to the prairies, 
To the oceans, white with foam 
God bless America, My home sweet home."
Irving Berlin~ Kate Smith
God Bless America

Thank you Veterans and all who are serving~

Saturday, July 1

Happy Canada Day, Friends!

Happy Canada Day to all of my friends just a lil' north of us!
A grand celebration 150!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend~

Friday, June 30

Dyeing wool with acid dyes~

I have been taking a few hours each week to felt repurposed wool.
I am able to make new colors by using some of the dye that bleeds off.
Summertime is my planning & gardening time.
I will hopefully have all of the colors needed to rug hook
some new projects once the snow files again. (Not in any hurry for that) ;)

This week was my first experience using acid dyes!
We used Jacquard brand... perfect for small batches.

I had gathered these small jars 10+ years ago for
dyeing some of my wool roving to needle felt~

I will make a small swatch of the colors & make notes of mixes.

We followed all suggested safety precautions.
Dust masks, rubber gloves, proper ventilation & separate pots & utensils.
Followed the simple directions on the package.
There are directions on their site, too.

How acid dye works:

I think I will be trying for turquoise and aqua next...
Some sunny yellow and deep golds!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Friday, June 23

Pen & Ink Pincushions


Bees, feathered friends, harvest perches and patriotic themes~

If you remove the pins they are fun to hang on a cupboard pull~

Teddy bears love to hold hearts in their laps, too!

Chickadee and bee are discussing their sewing project~

This bee stopped by the firework daisy!

How I love bee skeps~
Hives of all shapes & sizes!

I love to draw bees in straight lines, too~
They are flying off to work together!

I bet these little friends sing, "Whistle while you work!"
They each have their yellow-topped pin...
They're off to help in the studio~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Friends!